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Top 10 Causes of Disabling Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are a significant source of productivity loss in the United States, costing employers and employees alike. The solution isn’t to stop paying out workers’ compensation claims, but to create safer working conditions.

Knowing common sources of workplace injuries can help you keep yourself and your coworkers safe. If you are involved in a workplace accident and you need to explore your options, we are here to help. Call Thiry & Associates at 251-351-3371 to set up a consultation.

10. Moving Machinery

Moving machinery is a major risk in many workplaces, especially in fields like manufacturing and construction. Injuries range widely in severity, from minor abrasions and lacerations to amputations and crushed limbs.

9. Running into Objects

Colliding with objects causes billions of dollars in workers’ compensation every year. This is often surprising to people, since so many collisions happen with stationary objects. In fast-paced workplaces or customer service-focused businesses that see lots of foot traffic, collisions are almost inevitable.

8. Repetitive Motions

Spanning every industry and type of employment, repetitive stress injuries are a serious source of financial loss for companies everywhere. Those who spend a lot of time taking notes, typing, performing repetitive manufacturing motions, or otherwise using smaller muscles are at risk for stress injuries. These are best treated early, so it is important for affected employees to get help as soon as they begin experiencing pain.

7. Slips and Trips

Slips that do not result in falls are another significant source of workplace injuries in the United States. This is another injury that surprises many people. However, when you slip or trip, your muscles tense in preparation for the impact. In a slipping or tripping incident, someone might grab a nearby object or person to steady themselves. All of these outcomes can lead to injuries.

6. Car Collisions

It should come as no surprise that car crashes are a common source of workplace injuries. Unfortunately, car collisions also account for a substantial amount of workplace fatalities. A number of accident types fall into this category. Construction workers may be struck by careless or inattentive drivers while on a worksite. An employee who travels between multiple locations or worksites may be involved in a crash with a third party. A commercial driver could get injured in a crash. All of these are situations that could involve workers’ compensation or a personal injury claim against a third party.

5. Poor Postures or Poses

Sitting or standing in an unsafe or abnormal posture can lead to injuries over time. Similarly, missing a step or otherwise landing in an uncomfortable way can lead to injuries because of how your weight is distributed. Consider, in the first example, someone who is crouched down for much of their workday. For the second example, imagine someone visiting a client and missing the first step as they leave. The way they land on their foot or ankle could certainly lead to injuries.

4. Falls to a Lower Level

Falls from one level to a lower level are an extremely common source of workplace injuries. This category includes, for example, falling from a ladder, falling from stairs, or falling from a lift on a construction site. Depending on the height of the higher level, injuries could range from very mild to very severe.

3. Getting Hit by Objects

Falling objects are a risk in a variety of fields. Retail and restaurant workers often suffer these injuries while restocking or shelving items, and those in manufacturing or construction are also at risk of falling object injuries.

2. Falls on the Same Level

Falling on the same level is often less dangerous than falling to a different level, but it is also much more common. Possible outcomes include broken bones, sprained muscles, and traumatic brain injuries.

1. Lifting

There’s a reason that so many workplaces have safe lifting posters all over the place—lifting is the most expensive of all workplace injuries. Using proper form and evenly distributing the load across your body can help you avoid these common injuries.

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Have you been injured in a workplace accident? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans sustain injuries every year, and many are mistreated by their employer or workers’ compensation insurance. Take the first step and learn more about your rights now by contacting Thiry & Associates for an appointment. Call us at 251-351-3371 or get in touch online to set up a consultation.

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