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At Thiry & Caddell, LLP , we offer clients an effective blend of personal, attentive service and experienced legal representation. Serving Mobile, Alabama, for more than 40 years, we are trusted by generations of clients. Much of our business comes from repeat business or by referrals from past clients who trust us enough to send their friends and family members to us. At our law firm, we will make you feel at home while providing you with the high-caliber legal representation you need. Our focus is multifaceted to allow for additional options for our clients. We work with clients concerning workers’ compensation, social security disability, longshore compensation, personal injury, family law, and probate law. If you are seeking a disability attorney in Mobile or Baldwin County we will represent you in your injury case, workers’ compensation claim, and probate law.

When you suffer from a workplace injury and need to file a workers’ compensation claim there are a few things to remember. The representative from the Work Comp Insurance Company may pressure you to keep the process moving. Only an independent lawyer has you and your recovery as their number one priority. Do Not Sign Anything Before Speaking To An Attorney.

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When you suffer from a workplace injury, so many things can change in the blink of an eye. The workmans comp insurance company does not want to pay, most employers do not want their premiums to go up, and you may get stuck in the middle. 

This is where an experienced Workers Compensation attorney will take over and make sure you are compensated for your workplace injury.

Workplace Injuries

Workers' Compensation

Are you are struggling to get answers to your basic questions? Are you concerned that you may not be getting accurate information regarding workers comp from your employer, you should talk to a workers’ compensation attorney right away. It’s essential to speak with an independent disability lawyer.  Why?  They are only concerned with your best interests. Your boss or manager may have very little information regarding workplace injuries or maybe worried about telling you something incorrect.

Don't Let The Insurance Companies Dictate The Rest Of Your Life

The workers’ compensation system is not designed for you to win your case.

We understand the laws in Alabama and how the system works.

Medical evidence in your case is huge. We understand what must be present for a
case to be approved.

Our negotiation skills will be put to work for you throughout the entire process.

We understand the tactics used by insurance companies to reduce your settlement.

​If your workers’ compensation attorney knows how to negotiate with the insurance companies, it will give you a massive advantage in your case.

Contact Renee at Thiry and Caddell, LLP for immediate assistance with your workers compensation claim. Our firm has over 40 years representing workers’ compensation victims in Mobile.

US Workplace Injury Statistics (2018)

Injuries Per Hour
Injuries Per Day
Injuries Per Week
Injuries Per Year

Source: National Safety Council… click here

Top Workplace Injuries 2018

The percentages listed here are based off a study by The National Safety Council in a report based off workplace injuries inb 2018.

Source: National Safety Council… click here

Overexertion & Bodily Reaction (282,860)
Falls, Slips, & Trips (240,160)
Contact With Objects & Equipment (235,740)
Injuries Caused By Others or By Animals (44,000)

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