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Our clients always receive 100% of our attention. Whether it is directly from our attorneys or our wonderful and knowledgeable staff. We understand that proper legal representation can make all of the difference in the world. We never forget this!

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Our EXPERIENCE makes Thiry & Caddell highly effective in the courtroom. Our COMPASSION for our clients has created a long track record of RESULTS. We take every aspect of your case personal…THIS IS WHY WE WIN… We Win Because We Care!

Workers' Compensation

When you are injured at work it can be tough to know who is actually on your side. The insurance companies do not want to pay and your employer, more than likely, does not want his premium to rise.

Social Security Disability

Understanding how to navigate the system and to have all of your paperwork and medical records ready when they needed can save a lot of time. The time advantage is huge as these cases can take up to 18 months for the Social Security Administration to accept or deny your case.

Longshore Injuries

If you work in a shipyard or waterfront occupation and have been injured on the job, your claim will fall under the Federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). The LHWCA covers a broad range of maritime occupations. 

Divorce & Custody

Renee not only has professional experience with divorce she also has personal experience. She understands how difficult and emotional divorce can be. She has been there. Divorce is something that affects the entire family… Especially children. She knows what this feels like and understands what you are going through. Her empathy for your situation drives her to get the best results possible.


We will help you with setting up a will and assist you with proper estate planning. We are tasked, everyday, to fix serious issues caused by a lack of forward-thinking estate planning. Don’t let your family get stuck with even more complications after your death. Simple planing will allow for more of your money going to your family versus the government.

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Why Choose Us

We listen and we care… Period! Your case will never be pushed to the back burner because we feel another case is more important. We promise to remain transparent in both the information we discover and our fees.



This is our life’s work and we take that very serious.



Nothing feels better than seeing a client finally receive the benefits that were once denied.



We do not believe in problems… Rather, we believe in solutions. There is always a way and we always seek to find it.

we aren't afraid of trying new things

The outcome of your case can change your entire future

You can’t be an effective attorney by just being an attorney. A great lawyer must also be your friend, treat you like a family member, and be your greatest advocate. When you are seen as just another deposit in the bank you may not have the right team in your corner.

You don’t only become a client you become part of the family.


This is something you will notice by meeting our team.

We treat our clients no different than we would if we were representing a close friend or family member. We understand what is at stake as soon as we take your case. The most beneficial outcome becomes our ultimate mission.

Let Our Experience Be Your Guide 

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