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How Can a Lawyer Help You Get a Better Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

Workplace injuries can be mentally and financially draining. If you’ve suffered an injury at work, workers’ compensation benefits can help you get the medical care and partial income replacement you need to get by. Once you’re at or near maximum medical improvement, the workers’ comp insurance company may offer you a settlement. Working with an attorney can help you maximize your settlement as you prepare to stop your monthly or weekly benefits.

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In-Depth Evaluation of Your Case

One of the first benefits of hiring a workers’ comp attorney is their thorough evaluation of your case. In order to get the largest settlement possible, it’s crucial to know how the details of your injury, the circumstances of your accident, and your recovery to this point can affect what the insurance company offers. After analyzing your case, your attorney can begin to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of your case. The weaknesses are particularly important, as those are what the insurance company will use to reduce their settlement offer and put pressure on you. Your attorney will know how to utilize the strengths of your case to demand a better offer.


Understanding the Insurance Company’s Point of View

Your workers’ comp attorney will know exactly which factors the insurance company uses to decide on a settlement offer. They also know how far insurance companies to pay out as little as possible. This is important in a workers’ comp claim, since the settlement you’re offered needs to cover a lot. It’s being offered in lieu of weekly workers’ compensation benefits. That means that your settlement must cover both your lost wages and the medical care you will need as you approach maximum medical improvement.

There are lots of factors at play here. Will your injury leave you partially or totally disabled? Are you likely to need ongoing care for the rest of your life? Will you be able to go back to work once you reach maximum medical improvement? How close are you to maximum medical improvement, and which complications could happen along the way?

The insurance company will always operate from a position that saves them money. If they have any reason to offer you less, they will absolutely use it to their advantage. Your attorney is well aware of this and they know what it takes to push back.


Fully Assessing the Financial Losses Associated with Your Injury

Injured workers aren’t always the best people to assess their settlement offer from a workers’ comp insurance company. It’s easy to look at a lump sum of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and just see everything you could do with that money. Your attorney can look at that settlement offer, subtract your likely medical expenses, subtract your lost wages, and realize that it isn’t even enough to cover your future medical care. This protects you from accepting a low settlement offer.

By going over your claim with you and explaining the insurance company’s offer, your attorney can help you understand the weaknesses of the offer and what type of offer you should wait for.


Aggressive Negotiation Skills

Workers’ comp lawyers have negotiated with workers’ compensation insurance lawyers many times over the years. Negotiating with a major insurer is intimidating and stressful for a layperson, but for an attorney, it’s just another day on the job. You can rely on your lawyer to present your case to the company, point out the weaknesses in their initial settlement offer, and push them to make an offer that actually aligns with your injuries. If you do ultimately accept an offer, you’ll know that it’s in your best interest.


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