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Common Causes of On-the-Job Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can cause crippling pain and affect other areas of the body, since injuries impacting the neck often extend to other regions of the spinal cord. Unfortunately, neck injuries are relatively common in the workplace. Getting familiar with your workers’ compensation rights and your workplace’s process puts you in a better position if you do become injured.

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Stress Injuries

Stress injuries are extremely common at workplaces across various industries. Essentially, any job that has repetitive work tasks puts employees at risk of stress injuries. These injuries can be difficult to identify, as pain may build up slowly over time, rather than starting immediately after a standalone accident. For that reason, it’s important for employees to be in touch with their pain levels and identify any activities that cause an increase in pain levels.

Stress injuries vary depending on the work environment. People who work in an office often suffer pain because they lean forward at their desk while working, putting extra strain on the upper neck. Those who work in manual labor may suffer stress injuries after lifting heavy boxes. People who work in a call center may suffer neck pain from holding a phone between their shoulder and ear every day.

Car Accidents

Across the board, car accidents are one of the most common sources of neck injuries. Unfortunately, car accidents can lead to all types of neck injuries. Bulging discs, neck sprains, whiplash, and fractured vertebrae can all happen after a vehicle collision. A vehicle crash puts an enormous amount of strain on the neck, which often results in lingering pain for victims.

A car accident can be considered a workplace injury if it happens when you are traveling between worksites, going to clients’ locations, or as part of your regular job duties. It may not be considered a workplace accident if it happens when you are running personal errands or stopping for coffee between work tasks.


Both same-level falls and falls from heights can lead to serious neck injuries at work. Injuries vary, depending on the severity of the fall and the overall health of the person. For example, an aging worker is far more likely to suffer serious injuries because of a fall than a younger employee. Some injuries that may happen during a fall include vertebral fractures and whiplash. Sometimes, these injuries occur even if an individual does not actually hit the floor. Simply slipping and having your body lock up in preparation for a fall can be enough to put strain on your neck.

Improper Posture

Poor posture is a problem that affects most of us to some degree. Even if your work does not involve lifting or other physical tasks, consistently standing or sitting with poor posture can put significant pressure on your neck. However, tasks like lifting boxes or otherwise exerting yourself can hasten injuries caused by bad posture.

Limiting Neck Injuries at Work

Employers and employees can do a lot to minimize workplace neck injuries and decrease workers’ compensation expenses. Some injuries can be eliminated through the use of ergonomic equipment, including computer mice, keyboards, and desk chairs.

Others are prevented through proper training and observation. Poor lifting form is extremely common in many workplaces, but many companies don’t have the resources to retrain employees or do periodic checks on employees’ lifting practices. Doing so can limit injuries and make the workplace safer.

If you do suffer a neck injury at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Reporting your injury promptly can help get the treatment and compensation you need, so don’t put off your claim. If you’re having a hard time reporting your injury or getting your claim approved, turn to a workers’ compensation attorney for more personalized assistance.

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