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There are plenty of family law attorneys out there but many of them will not start a case without a large down payment. Sometimes these payments can be $5,000 or more.

This is why we offer payment plans to get your case started and ready for trial. As long as you pay the fee prior to the trial beginning you will have the representation you need.

Professional & Personal Experience

Family Law:
Divorce & Custody

Renee not only has professional experience with divorce she also has personal experience. She understands how difficult and emotional divorce can be. She has been there. Divorce is something that affects the entire family… Especially children. She knows what this feels like and understands what you are going through. Her empathy for your situation drives her to get the best results possible.

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We have taken on so many cases where our clients would not have won if we did not have this payment plan in place. They would have been left by themselves in trial.

If your spouse makes more money, we will go to trial in the beginning to fight for the spouse to have to pay your attorney fees.

Rather than charging an hourly rate we charge a flat rate so you know, upfront, what you will pay.

Uncontested Divorce Fees

Uncontested divorces are when both parties agree to the divorce.

Without Children

An Uncontested Divorce is when both parties agree to the divorce and their are no children or assets to settle on.

Our Fee is $420.00 including the filing fee.

With Children

An Uncontested Divorce With Children is when both parties agree to the divorce and and there are no custody issues.

Our fee is $620.00 including the filing fee.

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When a legal problem affects the family, it is very important to handle it with care and attention to detail. The outcome of your family law issue will likely affect you for years to come, even the rest of your life


Our attorneys have extensive experience handling family law matters. You will be in good hands as we guide you through any family law issue you may face, including:

Property division
Child custody and visitation
Child support


We Will Guide You Through The Process

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At Thiry & Caddell, LLP , we handle critical family law matters, like divorce and custody, for clients in Mobile and throughout surrounding Alabama communities. If you are struggling with a divorce, a child custody dispute, child support dispute or any other family law matter, our attorneys are here to guide you through the process and be the strong advocate you need to protect your rights.

We make quality legal representation accessible and affordable. Ask us about our payment plans for family law clients., 

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We listen and we care… Period! Your case will never be pushed to the back burner because we feel another case is more important. We promise to remain transparent in both the information we discover and our fees.

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