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Our Values

Our Mission and Why We Are Different

You come first. Period. You are the reason we wake up early and work through the night and your situation and needs are the foundation of our firm.

Our Mission 

To Always Listen:

Our number one priority is listening to our future clients without judgement. We know that all of the facts must be understood by both parties. We always want to know everything about the situation so we can quickly map out a plan of action.

To Always Understand The Client's Situation:

We promise to always visualize walking in our client's shoes to understand the depth of their situation. We know when a client walks through our door they usually have a major issue that needs to be handled quickly. We understand how the ability to not be able to support yourself and family must be. This is why we listen to everything and create a clear understanding of how to get them back on their feet.

To Be Sensitive and Respectful To Every Client:

We always put the client and their needs first. Everyone's case if different and understanding that not everyone can handle a legal matter as easily as others. We must always be sensitive to each and every client's needs, fears, and hope.

To Always Offer Personal Attention Through The Entire Process:

Because we are a small, but very successful, firm we have the ability to really focus on our clients and their needs. Your case does not get put on the back burner for another case worth more than yours. We are there for you through the entire process and give you the time and service you deserve. We always strive to be open and accessible at all times.

Thiry & Caddell Law Firm

Why Choose Us?

The Outcome of Your Case Can Change Your Entire Future

You can't be an effective attorney by just being an attorney. A great lawyer must also be your friend, treat you like a family member, and be your greatest advocate. When you are seen as just another deposit in the bank you may not have the right team in your corner.

You don't only become a client you become part of the family. This is something you will notice by meeting our team. 

Thiry & Caddell Law Firm

Who We Are

A Small Firm With HUGE Results

Our EXPERIENCE makes Thiry & Caddell highly effective in the courtroom. Our COMPASSION for our clients has created a long track record of RESULTS. We take every aspect of your case personal...THIS IS WHY WE WIN... We Win Because We Care!

Anitria Zine Callen

Omg!!! Renee Thiry is The Best Attorney at Law.. I’ve known Renee Since 2008.. She’s Always Concerned about her clients.. And Makes Sure you are Well Satisfied in ALL ASPECTS.. I can remember this Case we was fighting for Custody of my nieces and nephews it was like three different states.. Renee Drove to All Three States trying to make sure we Would win!!! And of Course WE DID!!!! Love her she’s a Beautiful person who Answers All her Calls and respond to All her Messages!!!!! My Family loves her and Glad She’s a Part of Our lives!!!!
The Campbell And Zine ‘s❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

blake holmes

Great lawyer haven’t even been to court yet but I searched everywhere in mobile for a lawyer to take my custody case that was in less than a week of the day I called ( I did not have the money to pay in full) so no one would take my case but when I called her she told me to come in and from the moment I walked through the door she did nothing but help very sweet and took my case with less then a week notice, and worked with me on my financial situation. Would highly reccomend.

Delores Nelson

When I came to Renee I had been with another lawyer for about 6 months . He told met here was nothing he could do and I lost my case. She help me get a nice settlement and she is working on something now for me that is working out in my favour. Renee is very professional and always concerned about your well being. I am so thankful that I found her.. I highly recommended her to anyone.

Tara McAdams-May

Renee has been my attorney over the last decade helping me not only with business legal matters but also family law during a woman’s toughest fight divorce/custody. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of referring multiple happy clients to Renee Thiry and the amount of compassion and dedication she gives to those she serves truly is insurmountable for me to accurately describe. Hire her.

Nikki Baldwin

Dear Mrs. Thiry,
Thank you! I was very pleased with your professionalism, & how you took care of me. This lady is one of BEST attorneys in Mobile.

george metzger

Renee has been my personal attorney for the past 8 years. I only wish I had known about Renee's honest and caring style sooner. Renee was able to solve a child custody issue for me in less than 60 days that another lawyer had told me was "unless you want to open your wallet some more, that is just the way it is" after speeding over $15,000 with him.
Renee has always returned my phone calls and emails. I just referred Renee to a friend of mine and my friend could not be happier with the final results of the case.

Beth Howard

I had a couple cases and all were handled by Renee. Disability gave me a hard time and she took time to go to the office with me and get it changed and taken care of. I'm very glad I chose to let Renee handle my cases. She is also handling my daughters case. It has been a difficult past couple of years but Renee has helped me through it. Thank you so much for everything you have done.

Beth Howard

I had a couple cases and all were handled by Renee. Disability gave me a hard time and she took time to go to the office with me and get it changed and taken care of. I'm very glad I chose to let Renee handle my cases. She is also handling my daughters case. It has been a difficult past couple of years but Renee has helped me through it. Thank you so much for everything you have done.

Trevor McGill

Every person who works in this firm treats you like family. It’s very welcoming and they will do everything in their power to ensure you win your case.

Mike McLarty

After a lifetime of hard work in blue collar jobs I was suddenly laid off due to my heart going bad. I found myself unemployed and, sadly, unemployable at the age of 44 and with four children, one of which is severely disabled and will require lifetime care.

Ms. Thiry had helped a friend get her Disability Benefits and me, not knowing anything about how to find a lawyer for myself, contacted Ms. Thiry to discuss my case.

I was totally lost, despondent. I felt like my life was over. The shame of not being able to provide for my family was crippling. I began to look into how my family would be provided for if I passed. It was bad.

From the onset Renee was very compassionate and beyond helpful, as was her entire staff. Anytime I had a question it was answered quickly. She explained the process to me, was honest about the time it would take, and the difficulties of my case because of my age.

Looking back, I think it was her hope and encouragement that sustained me, because I had none of my own.

I was awarded Full Disability, and my back pay was set six entire months before I thought it would be. I don't know how that happened, but I am grateful to Ms. Thiry for making it so.

I have my life back now and, with whatever time I have left I can concentrate on making quality memories with my children. That would not be the case if not for Ms. Thiry's considerable attention to my claim and the dedication of her staff.

I consider her a family friend now and highly recommend her. Were it not for her keen legal mind, good heart, and professionalism I have no idea where I would be now, or if I even would be.

From the bottom of my (malfunctioning) heart, thank you Renee Thiry. You were my angel when me and my family needed one the most.

Woody Myers

Ms Thiry and the staff helped me beyond measure. My injurys put me out of work, they cut the red tape. Got Work Comp to pay me, got me the advanced treatment I needed and kept the stress down. And they helped me when the TV lawyers wouldn't take my case. Top notch!

GT Trailer

Great experience all around. Professionalism was definitely present when dealing with any aspect of the firm. Very important to me knowing I can turn to them with any future needs. Highly recommended!!

andre epps

Ms. Renee was very helpful and was always there when I had a question. She responded to all of my messages and calls at a timely manner and made me feel good about my situation. She’s definitely great at what she does and I will recommend her to anyone. She helped me with my workers comp case and got me what was deserved for my injury!!

Kelsey Carpenter

Renee is an amazing attorney. She loves her clients as if they are family. 10/10 recommend her for all your needs!

Value 01.


Our clients always receive 100% of our attention. Whether it is directly from our attorneys or our wonderful and knowledgeable staff. We understand that proper legal representation can make all of the difference in the world. We never forget this!

Without personal service and quality legal representation, our clients' lives can be changed forever. Some attorneys look only at the numbers and the amount of work a case will require. At Thiry & Caddell we see the person and the families who will be affected without a favorable outcome. 

We are, by far, client-centric and always plan to remain that way.