How a Work Comp Lawyer Can Help You

How A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help You

No Up-Front Fees. Zero Out-of-Pocket Costs

If you have been injured at work, it is critical to work with an attorney to ensure that you are getting the compensation that you are entitled to. If you were hurt at work you can meet with Renee to learn about your options with no cost or obligation. If you get hurt at work, workers’ compensation insurance will cover your medical expenses, missed wages and, in some cases, retraining if you are unable to return to your previous job.  There are a few very important key points that we want to ensure injured workers understand:

  1. You Can Get a Free Consultation with No Obligation
    If you are struggling to get answers to your basic questions or are concerned that you may not be getting accurate information from your employer, talk to a lawyer right away.  It’s important to speak with an independent attorney because they are only concerned with your best interests.  Your boss or manager may have very little information or may be concerned about telling you something incorrect.  The representative from the Work Comp insurance company may pressure you to keep the process moving.  Only an independent lawyer has you and your recovery as their number one priority.  When you call Renee for a free consultation, you can get your questions answered with no pressure to sign anything. 
  2. You Can Hire a Work Comp Lawyer to represent you without any up-front cost
    There is no out of pocket cost to hire a workers' compensation attorney.  We take your case on a “contingency” basis which means that we are paid a percentage of the funds that we secure on your behalf.
  3. Workers’ Compensation Lawyers are only paid if they successfully secure a settlement on your behalf.
    You will not have to worry about paying your work comp lawyer.  There is no fee if we do not make a recovery on your behalf.  If we do make a recovery on your behalf, we are paid a percentage of that recovery.  You will never make an out-of-pocket payment.
  4. Having a lawyer on your side ensures that you receive ALL of the compensation you are entitled to.

Common Questions About Workers’ Compensation:

  1. Can I be fired for filing a work comp claim?
    Alabama is an at will state, meaning you can technically be fired for no reason at any time.  However, you can NOT be fired because you were hurt at work or complained about safety issues at work.  If you were hurt at work, and then fired, talk to a lawyer right away.  These situations are complex, but if we can talk about your specific situation we can give you some guidance on how to move forward.
  2. My work comp claim was denied, can you help?
    Yes.  Whether you have had a claim denied or were just injured and not sure how to take the first step, we can help.  We have helped injured workers in all phases of their workers compensation process, and we can help you too.
  3.  I feel like the Doctor that was provided was working for the insurance company.  What can I do?
    A doctor who minimizes your injury is very likely setting you up to have your workers’ compensation claim devalued or denied all together.  If you have any questions about a doctor, it’s critical that you speak with an attorney about it right away.

Additional Questions on Workers' Compensation?

We hope you will allow us the chance to answer your work comp questions in a free initial consultation. If you are ready to arrange a time to speak with a lawyer, please call our office at 251-478-8880 or use the form below to contact us via email. If you would prefer to learn more about workers' compensation on our website, please see the links below:

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We are happy to answer your questions over the phone or during a meeting in our office in Mobile.  Do not make the mistake of signing something or accepting any payment until you know that you are being compensated fairly.  Again, there is no up-front fee to have a lawyer represent you, and we are only paid if we secure a settlement on your behalf.

Hurt at Work? We are on Your Side.

Hurt at work in Alabama? We are on YOUR side. Do not make the mistake of signing anything or accepting payment before you speak with an independent attorney who has your best interest (not the interest of your employer or work comp insurance company) at heart.

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Whether you have one question or a hundred, you just got hurt or have had benefits denied, we can help. We will help you understand how Alabama Workers' Compensation law applies to your unique situation and give you options for moving forward. There is no cost or obligation for the free consultation, and there are no up-front fees to hire us.

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