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Pursuing Full Medical Benefits

If you suffered a severe work-related injury or illness, getting the medical care you need is crucial. And since this care can be expensive, getting the medical benefits you are eligible for under the workers' compensation law is critical.

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Protecting Your Rights While Seeking Medical Care

In Alabama, your employer or the employer's insurance company generally gets to choose which primary doctor you see initially. This means that unless it's an emergency, you may have to start out with a doctor who is not truly objective about your case.

You do, however, have certain rights to get a different doctor.

There are many different issues that can arise. For example, you and your employer (or employer's insurance company) may disagree about how long treatment should continue. The insurance company may contend that you have reached maximum medical improvement.

We can explain your rights under workers' compensation law and guide you confidently through the process of seeking all of the medical benefits you are eligible for. With more than 50 years of experience to draw upon, we have a well-earned track record of assisting injured workers' with focused, effective counsel and representation.

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