Your Will

Your Will

"Where there is a will, there is a way". - Proverb

A Will is a legally binding, properly witnessed statement in which a person designates precisely the disposition of his worldly assets at time of death. Properly drafted, a Will should be precise and unambiguous in the bequests made and should cover any and all property which may be owned by the testator. If there are children below the age of majority to be provided for, the Will should incorporate appropriate Trust provisions setting out clear and specific standards and protections. Wills may also designate the choice of guardian for minor children.

A Will can be executed by any adult citizen of sound mind in Alabama, attested by two witnesses. If the proper language is included, a Will in Alabama can be "self-proving", thereby saving significant time and expense in admission to Probate. A Will never comes into effect unless there is a timely petition to Probate Court and accepted by that Court.


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